Do I need to keep the oil in the fridge?
Generally, not if you are going to use it within a few months. It does contain Omega oils, but these don’t go rancid like butter.
Also, it is a good idea to serve the oil at around body temperature. When the oil is cold it becomes thicker, and the drops larger, and you take more than you need, which is wasteful.
How long will a bottle last?
At room/body temperature there are around 25 drops per ml, therefore 500 drops in a 20ml bottle. Simply divide by your dosage level to work out the number of days the bottle will last. This will be 10 -12 weeks depending on dosage.
How many cannabinoids in the bottle or per drop?
Our oil is the full extract from the hemp plant, no dilutions with admixes. This oil is 4% CBD, just over 400mg per bottle. This works out to around 0.8mg per drop. Or 2.8mg per drop in the higher concentrate.
Will I test positive in a roadside drugs swab?

Extremely unlikely due to the very low amount of THC in our CBD oil. This may start to show on a swab if you are taking a very high dosage such as 5ml per day (100 drops).
As a precaustion best not to take drops just prior to getting behind the wheel as the terepens or flavour may still be lingering in your mouth. A good way to remove the terepens is my having a mouthful of milk.

Do I take CBD with food, or is it better on an empty stomach?

As this is absorbed sublingually in the mouth through the mucous linings it is generally better to take it 5-10 minutes before a meal to allow it to absorb. If the taste is too strong, then taken with a light fatty snack (cheese on cracker or a buttered cracker, with avocado etc.) then this is fine as well.

If I miss a dose, will this effect the treatment?
No, cannabinoids have a ‘half-life’ of up to 36 hours (i.e. after 30-36 hours the ambient levels of cannabinoids in the body have metabolized down to half) so if you miss a dose increase the drops at other times of the day to compensate.
Your CBD is quite expensive compared to other oils on the market, why?
Oils aren’t oils. What you are paying for is CBD, not carrier oils, so don’t be deceived by clever or dishonest marketing. The best way to see what value you are getting is to use this method to work out the price per mg of CBD;
Divide the price by the total milligrams of CBD (not milliliters of content) and you will find the price per mg.

For example; a 100ml bottle with 500mg CBD for say $150 is;
150 divided by 500 = 30c per mg

Our oil, 15 ml with 600mg CBD for $99 is;
80 divided by 400 = 16c per mg
Do I keep taking the same amount of drops as I have been taking with oil from another provider?

No. If you have been finding relief with another oil you will need to equate the number of drops of Mediplant oil with what you have been using. This needs to be done on a mg basis, not a volume basis.

To do this, read off the label the stated milligrams then divide by the volume. E.g. A 50ml bottle with 1000mg of CBD, 1000 / 50 = 20, i.e. 20mg per ml. Droppers are all different, however usually you will get around 25 drops/ml. So 20mg divided by 25 gives 0.8mg per drop.

Mediplant oil is usually around 20mg per ml, giving 0.8mg per drop.